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The updated domain owner data will only be applied to WHOIS after successful verification.

Further information is available in the ICANN E-mail Verification article.

In most cases you would also need to disable privacy protection service for the domain.

In order to disable Private Registration for the domain, you will need to:1) Login to your 1&1 account2) Select Domain Center in the Domains area3) Click the domain name you need to disable privacy protection for4) Click Edit if private registration is ON and then hit Yes5) Select Public next to Register Domain(s) and click OK.

One of our clients, Armed Gamer ( offline at this time), experiences large spikes in traffic throughout the day when he makes or promotes new posts. Both Armed Gamer and Uber Motif have reached out to 1and1’s support via phone and Twitter without results. We would have been furious over a few hours of downtime, .

The new nameservers are listed further down the page, but WHOIS queries still show the old 1&1 nameservers.NOTE: If you are getting "The lock status could not be modified.Domain transfer is not allowed right now" error message while trying to unlock your domain, most likely your domain was either registered or transferred between registrars within the last 60 days. You can specify the details on your domain with 1&1.I've purchased several domains from 1&1, although no more.Even though 1&1 advertising on their product says: "Including FREE private registration" by default, 1&1 makes my personal information available for the public to find which results in my personal email being SPAMMED BY 30-50 COMPANIES.

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