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“It was really fun to be wearing this plastic belly.

It makes you waddle; it makes you walk and carry yourself differently.

Her family practiced Orthodox Judaism in the Sephardic tradition.

Birth Name: Emmanuelle Sophie Anne Chriqui Place of Birth: Montréal, Québec, Canada Date of Birth: 10 December, 1975 Ethnicity: Moroccan Jewish Emmanuelle Chriqui is a Canadian actress. She is perhaps best known for her role on HBO’s series .“My dream has always been to adopt, so I’m sure that I will adopt at some point…whether I have some of my own or not kind of remains to be seen,” she says.(Photo Credit: Randall Slavin/Ocean Drive Magazine) It turns out she got a little bit of experience in the mommyhood department while playing a pregnant Sloan (her character in the movie).Emmanuelle Chriqui was born as Emmanuelle Sophie Anne Chriqui on December 10, 1975, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.She belongs to North American ethnicity and holds a Canadian nationality.

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