Mandating recycling

Safety measures can be applied to the manner in which rainwater is captured, stored and dispensed.In fact some people argue that rainwater is safer than water supplied through mains or reticulated water systems.This is also true for many other communities around the world.Nowadays, even when mains or reticulated water supplies are available to communities, many people choose to use rainwater that is collected from the roof and stored in tanks or other vessels to supply their water requirements.We also disseminate the information of Waste Diversion Plan and to collect feedback.2 briefing sessions were conducted in May 2015, to brief the trade of waste collection and property management regarding the various measures under the Waste Diversion Plan, remind them of the necessary actions to be taken and to receive feedback from them.

No doubt lead-free soldering does offer its set of challenges.

After a long debate the CFC was finally phased out and HCFC was established as the most common refrigerant.

In the mid 1970’s new studies showed that HCFC was perhaps safer for use in homes but more damaging to the environment.

The lead-free alloys being proposed as the main choices for general assembly are new and less data is available as to their process limits.

The two main alloys are variants of Tin-Silver-Copper and Tin-Copper.

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