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Upon execution it drops the following files in an attempt to infect S60 3rd Edition devices: "c_sys\bin\Installer_0x20026CA6.exe"-"c:\sys\bin\Installer_0x20026CA6.exe", FR, RI, RW "c_sys\bin\Acs Server.exe"-"c:\sys\bin\Acs Server.exe", FR, RI "c_private1f875a\import\[20026CA5].rsc"-"c:\private1f875a\import\[20026CA5].rsc" What's sad is that just like the majority of mobile malware incidents, this one is also digitally signed using a certificate issued by Symbian to the name of Xin Zhong Li Kemao Co. - WOT Scorecard (see end for java source code when IP entered in URL) ------- billblog23was mentioned and rated via this forum topic; however, I've decided to dig a little more so we can rate the entire domain, subdomains and associates.

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