Triple warmer sedating points

This results in pain or weakness in the surrounding muscles.

Stimulating these points with special needles (acupuncture) or pressure (acupressure) helps to normalize impaired conditions.

Try to find tender points by pressing with a thumb or finger in a circular motion around the area indicated for each point on the charts of the meridians.

This organ-energy system, which is not recognized in Western physiology, is called the 'Minister of Dykes and Dredges' and is responsible for the movement and transformation of various solids and fluids throughout the system, as well as for the production and circulation of nourishing energy (ying chee) and protective energy (wei chee).

As you probably know, more and more people are now feeling crippled by the limitations of Modern Western Medicine’s “crisis care” style of medicine.

And more and more people are now using, what National Institutes of Health ( that are popular today has nowhere near the maturity of science and evidence that defines Modern Western Medicine in doing whatever they do…

Over 50 tools that Donna and her husband David usually only teach on live workshops across the US.

Each week, you’re required to invest about 1 to 2 hours to watch Donna demonstrate her techniques.

It harmonizes the functions of heart and lungs, governs respiration, and regulates the distribution of protective energy to the body's external surfaces.

The different organs of the body each have their own energetic signatures, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM.

This means that particular habits and emotions negatively affect each organ.

TCM associates spleen qi with the element of earth and the color yellow.

To heal your spleen qi, connect these aspects by performing what Deborah Davis, doctor of Chinese medicine and qigong teacher, calls an attunement to the earth element.

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