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Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt was photographed kissing his White girlfriend, Lubica Slovak.

Published in the Jamaican Observer, the photo ignited a firestorm of disapproval with some diagnosing him with a “White woman complex.” While interracial relationships have always gone on, it still leaves a tinge of uneasiness for many aware of the acrimonious history between Blacks and Whites..

a fashionista who also rocks the hell out of a carnival bikini.

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He is the reigning Olympic champion and world record holder over 100 and 200 metres.

A friend told the Mail: ‘They are very comfortable together and easy.

They do quiet dinners in the country and trips to Montego Bay.

Usain Bolt has admitted that he is off the market and is in a steady relationship with a Jamaican woman.

Bolt who was Sunday's guest on Profile, told veteran Jamaican journalist Ian Boyne that there is indeed "a special person" in his life, a 26-year-old he has been dating for over two years now.

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